Farm 'Erve Elferman'

Erve Elferman is a beef cattle farm located in the valley of the Dinkel, one of the last meandering rivers in the Netherlands.

Harrie and Suze Boomkamp's company specializes in high-quality beef. That is why the wheat-colored Limousins ​​graze in the leafy meadows around the centuries-old company. This special meat breed originally comes from the Haute Vienne department in the vicinity of the city of Limoges.

In the beautiful landscape, the calves grow up at the side of their mother for eight months. The mother's milk with the grasses and many herbs are abundant. Erve Elferman is known as one of the oldest farms in Twente. The yard was already mentioned in 1473. The current business premises are listed as a monument. The farm has a traditional butcher shop and a kitchen where various meat dishes are prepared and packaged. Erve Elferman's Dinkeldal meat is of undisputed top quality. Just like beef should be fair and healthy. Properly prepared meat at home will make eating enjoyable again.

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