Sheepfold Stroothuizen

Schaapskooi Stroothuizen can be visited close to the German border, in the Beuninger hinterland. The Sheepfold Schaapskooi offers a multifunctional space for sustainable activities.

At Schaapskooi Stroothuizen you are very welcome to enjoy the peace, space and nature inside or outside while enjoying a snack and a drink. A fun day out with colleagues, friends, family, neighborhood, your club or a group of clients. Or after a lovely walk or during a bike ride, sit down for a snack and a drink. Fun for young and old! It is possible to have lunch here, to undertake activities or to enjoy a coffee and a drink.

Unique experience area

Care, catering and relaxation come together in a unique experience area. At a unique location in Twente, on the Stroothuizerweg, the sheepfold is built in such a way that sheep, people and nature come together in perfect harmony. A meeting point for sustainable activities in a special ambiance. Opposite the cage is an area of ​​fens and heather.

Sustainable recreation is possible in various areas. By conducting workshops with a group at the location, but for example by going to ball shooting together or being able to experience the spirituality at the special location. Various events take place in spring (fair), summer, autumn and winter (Christmas experience).


The surroundings of the sheepfold are special for several reasons. The area is a crossroads of Leylines, these are invisible energy channels that run beneath the earth's surface. In the middle of the extensive grounds, a tree trunk has been placed where people can become one with nature by experiencing the peace and space in this special place.

Barefoot path

A barefoot path will be realized in the future. Take a barefoot walk on grass to stimulate circulation.

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