Aogeler Beef

Meat straight from the farm, that's possible at Aogeler Rund. Since 2020, they have been selling meat from their own Limousin bulls.

The bulls arrive at the farm when they're 8 months old. They are then cared for according to the "Better Life" two-star seal of approval. The following conditions apply to this label:

  • All bulls are given four kilograms of straw per day to lie comfortably in.
  • Clean drinking water is provided.
  • No antibiotics.
  • Each bull has 6.6 square meters of space to himself
  • A free range outside. So the bulls can go wherever they want. In the summer they like to make use of this and walk into the green pasture.

Would you like to see up close how the bulls are kept and cared for at Aogeler Rund? Feel free to visit their barnyard!

In the monumental store, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you can get your favorite 'Beter Leven' beef from the freezer yourself. And, of course, you can pay with pin or cash.

On the Aogeler Rund site, you can find the beef offerings and easily place orders.

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Weerselosestraat 9 7636 RK Agelo
7636 RK Agelo



  • Accessible for wheelchairs

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