Aannemersbedrijf Niehof BV

Aannemersbedrijf Niehof BV is a versatile contracting company from Lattrop, with approximately ninety employees. Over the years, the company has gained a great reputation in residential, commercial, and agricultural construction, and is also specialized in creating concrete structures.

In addition to new construction, remodeling, and renovation in residential, commercial, and agricultural construction, Aannemersbedrijf Niehof BV is also active as a property developer in residential and commercial construction. Niehof takes care of the entire process of property development, from land acquisition to project completion.

Aannemersbedrijf Niehof has four core activities:

  • Commercial construction
  • Residential construction
  • Agricultural construction
  • Concrete construction

In their work, Aannemersbedrijf Niehof always strives for efficiency and high quality, believing in good and solid construction.

The company meets various certifications in terms of quality assurance, safety, and sustainability.

Furthermore, they also think about the future: Niehof is a recognized training company with several qualified instructors and trainees. The trainees attend school one day a week and learn the rest of the week in practical training on the construction site.

Of bekijk de website www.niehofbv.nl

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Disseroltweg 52
7635NG Lattrop-Breklenkamp


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