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Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente is the oldest natural history museum in the Netherlands. It is an interactive museum in which each room tells a different story. You will find a large collection of special animals and fossils. Truly a place where everyone knows how to have fun! Similarly, Maud and her two daughters. Read her nice blog about the visit to this special museum

Spotting fun outings
We always enjoy going out with our girls to discover new things. Sometimes it is a walk, the other time an amusement park or zoo. We are always looking for fun playing tips for the children. Since our oldest is now going to school, things are getting less in terms of outings. Weekly is almost impossible, because the crowds at school demand a lot and during the weekend it is more pleasant to rest. So we stay at home more often. Crafts or a nice walk in the forest. But every now and then it is still nice to take a break. So we recently went to Natura Docet Wonderryck.

Natura Docet Wonderryck
Natura Docet Wonderryck

A museum for young and old!
Fenne (4) found the museum very interesting and fun. Our Saar (2) was a bit too young, but she tried to participate fully with her big sister. Both had a nice afternoon. When you enter the museum, you first enter the museum shop. This is an experience in itself. Here you will find the most beautiful stones, books, shark teeth, toys and many other fun things. It is also the place for a tasty snack or drink in the adjacent garden café.

fun assignments
fun assignments

Interactive museum
It is a truly interactive museum. In the room "Twente through the eyes of" ... you can see our beautiful Twente through the eyes of different animals: a frog, a bird, a butterfly, a badger and you name it. Perhaps the best thing about the whole museum for our girls. In addition to the experience of how animals do things, they can do various assignments. Despite the fact that I got a bit of the jitters of all the stuffed animals in the next room, they really liked this! The range of animals is very large. There were animals that they had never seen "in real life". In the corner is a large basket with stuffed animals. The girls were able to search for the similar animal that can be found in the showcases. It was a very fun game that they have entertained for a long time.

See animals 'in real life'
See animals 'in real life'

It's beautiful outside!
Despite the rainy weather, we were able to go outside between showers. Play in the beautiful garden of the museum where there is also a lot to experience. A nature playground and a walking path where we always encountered something new along the way. Mud puddles, a nice hut, mushrooms and flowers. So whether it is nice weather or a rainy day, it remains a fun outing for children to visit this museum.


More information about Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente: click here

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Maud is the proudest mom in the world !. She lives in beautiful Twente (Oldenzaal) with her friend Jasper, and daughters Fenne and Saar and dog Buddy. With two small children, traveling a lot less and she writes about almost everything she enjoys, and she also regularly looks for the best places in her own region.

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