Orkest Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Royal Airforce Orchestra) - Pick what we play

In 2023, the Harmonie Caecilia celebrates its 150th anniversary, and we will definitely know it! On Saturday, June 10th, het Orkest Koninklijke Luchtmacht (the Royal Air Force Orchestra) will come to Ootmarsum with a special program. And that will be a true spectacle.

On Saturday, June 10th, Orkest Koninklijke Luchtmacht will visit Ootmarsum with its program 'Pick what we play'.

Choose a top hit from your youth, let the most beautiful movie soundtrack play, experience your favorite sing-along or romantic love song, and together with the orchestra, determine the playlist of the concert. This is possible during 'The Jukebox', cast your vote and enjoy the selected musical highlights. Supported by versatile vocalists, a program is created live that is unique for every concert. A surprising performance for the audience but also for the orchestra.

Pick what we play!

Soloists: Talita Angwarmasse and Jeroen van den Berg.

Orkest Koninklijke Luchtmacht is conducted by chief conductor Patrick Curfs.

About het Orkest Koninklijke Luchtmacht: Behind the military uniforms are 48 conservatoir-trained musicians. Some with a classical background, others from pop and jazz music. That's what makes the orchestra so unique! Top musicians from both genres come together to form the well-oiled machine that is Orkest Koninklijke Luchtmacht.

Orkest Koninklijke Luchtmacht has a rich history. While in the past their music made a difference on the battlefield, nowadays the music is used differently.

With their music, they tell the story of the Air Force/Army and connect our world with the world outside the airbases.

What characterizes them is the modern and contemporary sound. But traditions that ceremonially connect them with the Armed Forces are also part of their DNA.

Due to their surprising collaborations and diverse and innovative repertoire with a military touch, Orkest Koninklijke Luchtmacht is unique in the professional music world, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Kerkplein, 7631 EW Ootmarsum

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