Soundgardens Denekamp 2024

SoundGardens Denekamp is a combination of Denekamp hospitality and live music in the gardens around the center of the doarp. On the second Saturday in June, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., there will be a variety of musical genres for young and old in as many as 12 gardens.

A block schedule will show when which band plays where; all venues are within walking/biking distance of each other. The gardens will be freely accessible. However, each garden has a maximum number of visitors. At each location there will be a free gift jar. SoundGardens Denekamp does not charge an entrance fee, but hopes to use your free gifts to cover a large part of the costs.

Low threshold, hospitality, but above all the music makes Soundgardens Denekamp the music event of Denekamp.

The Musicians 2024

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Diverse tuinen in Denekamp

Nicolaasplein, Denekamp

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