Estate Singraven


Landgoed Singraven is beautifully situated along the river Dinkel close to the village of Denekamp. There are many special monumental buildings on the estate, including the stately Manor Singraven, the Coach House behind it and the ancient watermill with three wheels. Singraven offers a versatile landscape with forests, avenues, fields, meadows, marshes, and the ever-present Dinkel. As a result, the estate has a surprising amount to offer: fascinating cultural history, soothing and interesting nature, active recreational opportunities such as cycling or walking tours and much more. Landgoed Singraven is easy to reach by following the signs "Singraven" from Denekamp. There is parking at the watermill. You are welcome.

Did you know?


The painter Jacob van Ruisdael immortalized the watermill of Singraven on the canvas? The work now hangs in London's National Gallery. Meindert Lubbertzoon Hobbema, a student of Ruisdael painted the same watermill, his canvas 'Le moulin à eau' hangs in the Paris Louvre.