Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Galerie International

A world full of emotion and enchantment. The color, the glow and shine, the form, the recognizable style. That is the world of Ootmarsum painter Ton Schulten or perhaps the world according to Ton Schulten.

No one escapes the mysterious power of the impressive work of Ton Schulten, the baker's son from Ootmarsum. His work, now known worldwide, enchants the viewer. Shapes, colors and paradisiacal compositions that offer tranquility. Impressive and sometimes even hypnotic. Emotional and above all so beautifully composed, that no one can escape the powerful and mysterious aura.

The Gallery

For years, Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Galerie International has been a meeting place for lovers of contemporary art. Of course with the work of Ton Schulten himself as the benchmark and magnet. His latest paintings and screen prints are on display here. Exhibited and highlighted in a perfect way. Exhibited in a way that does justice to his craft and artistic talent.

But the gallery offers much more. Changing exhibitions of visual artists from home and abroad add to the appeal of the gallery.

Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Galerie International includes several exhibition rooms where you can get acquainted with the work of over 30 artists, each with their own style, in peace and attention. Ceramics, glass, bronze and of course the paintings of Ton Schulten as a fixture and colorful backdrop.

The sculpture garden

The sculpture garden, adjacent to the gallery makes it clear in every way that art is more than a painting on the wall or a sculpture in the hall. Art is environment, elemental and natural. In the sculpture garden the visitor will find a presentation of the finest art, executed in elementary materials; timeless and in an indestructible beauty. You can look at art in peace with only the splashing water as an acoustic backdrop.

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Saturday 11:00 - 17:00
Sunday 12:00 - 17:00

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