Camping Farm De Roezeberg

Camping farm for up to 100 people. There are 3 dormitories in the camping farm. These dormitories have a capacity of 6, 14 and 20 people.

The outbuilding has again: 20, 12 and 8 sleeping places divided over three rooms. The dormitories in the main building are located on the ground floor next to the recreation room, and in the annex.

Playfields Outside there are sports fields. A kick field, football field and a volleyball field are available.

A forest game to be held is possible at the rear of the football field), more than 4 hectares of forest is in-house. In view of nature conservation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to use the forests.

Parking space: For placing the stables of bicycles done in the bush near the camping farm. The cars can be placed on the designated site.

Kitchen: The kitchen is equipped with all cooking attributes (6 burner stove, with oven and keepover heat), combination microwave and cooling. A dishwasher is present but is in the external recreation room. Crockery is prepared for the number of people expected. (mepal plates large and small, mepal cups and cutlery)

Dorms: Dorms building 1: The dormitories consist of bunk beds. You must provide your own cover, blanket (or sleeping bag) and pillow. Capacity halls: 6, 14 and 20 people Dorms building 2: Property 2: has three bedrooms. Room 1 has 20 dormitories, room 2 has 12 sleeping places and 8 sleeping places in room three .. Sanitary: Stainless steel sinks and two toilets, a urinal and a shower are located within the camping farm.

The second sanitary group is located next to the annex. It contains: 5 showers, 8 washbasins, 2 toilets and 2 urinals Recreation room: This recreation room is approximately 150 m2 in size. This building is not heated and can serve as bad weather accommodation, dining room for large groups, accommodation for a 'colorful evening', etc.

There is a rinsing kitchen with dishwasher, a catering cooling and an extra cooking group in this room.

Camping farm layout:

The camping farm has a basic building and an outbuilding.

The basic building has 3 dormitories with a capacity of 40 beds:

one of 6 people, one of 14 persons and one of 20 people The outbuilding has another 40 sleeping places divided over 3 rooms:

one of 8 people, one of 12 people and one of 20 people.

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  • Forest and nature
  • Rural location

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